Hekima College is an institution that blends integral human formation with higher learning to prepare men and women for the challenges of a ‘faith that does justice’. This is achieved through pursuing ‘Truth that sets free’, with full dedication and integrity, in the best of the Jesuit tradition of education; that is,:-

  1. A constant search for excellence according to the Jesuit Motivating spirit of magis,
  2. A humanistic orientation of education that promotes a holistic orientation of education that promotes a holistic formation inclusive of spiritual values,
  3. A personal and individual care of students and,
  4. A service to the community through promotion of Justice.

Jesuit School of Theology has the specific mission to train students to be effective pastoral leaders and ministers of the Word, providing an ecumenical and inter-religious perspective to the evangelization of the people through contextualized and relevant theological inquiry rooted in the creative fidelity, Ignatian pedagogy and the Catholic tradition.