Certificate in Retreat Direction

The aim of this programme is to train students to direct people in an eight-day retreat. The programme covers listening skills, dynamics of a directing relationship, how to conduct interviews, helpful Scriptural passages, discernment of spirits, etc. The programme is open to people who have already made an individually-directed eight-day retreat, and who are being prepared to be prayer guides or formators in their respective congregation.
The programme runs over 20 Saturday morning from September to March. In order to qualify for the certificate at the end of the programme, full attendance of all the sessions is mandatory.

Certificate in Theology for Laity

This certificate course is aimed at lay Catholics who are active in their respective parishes in ministries of the Word, or the Eucharist, or attending to the sick, or music, etc., and who want to deepen their understanding of their faith. The course introduces learners to diverse areas of theology, like Sacred Scripture, Christology, Trinity, Spirituality, Christian ethics, Canon law, liturgy, etc.

The programme runs through a two-year cycle on a hop-on, hop-off basis. Students who complete the full two years are eligible for a Certificate of participation in theology.

Certificate on Safeguarding offered by the Jesuit Center of Safeguarding In Africa

JCSA offers a course on the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. This course will enable attendees to develop competence in dealing safely with children and vulnerable adults by generating awakening, awareness, and action. It will form them into efficient agents of change in their respective institutions, communities or organizations to ensure that they fulfill their duty of care and protection and are respectful of the rights of the most vulnerable. Each attendee will be awarded a certificate, indicating the ability both to be proactive in society, as well as being able to respond to the issue of the abuse of children and vulnerable adults.