It seems that life is a sport. The importance of sports for every person cannot be overemphasized. The old adage goes, ‘a sound mind in a sound body.’ Sports remains one of the activities which bring many students of Hekima University College together. The various sports engaged in include football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, pool table, mini-soccer, and dart. Otherwise, people go to Gym room for various sports. Some students are equally fond jogging in the early mornings or take long walks on different days of the week. We do hold tournaments for indoor and outdoor games each year.

Each year, as part of getting students into the life of Hekima University College the students enter into competition with the rest of Hekima University College in disciplines like football, volleyball, and basketball. The tradition has been that the new students always lose. This tradition has been unbroken and we look forward to the group that will prove the contrary. There is also the annual competition between Jesuits on the one hand and non-Jesuits on the other. This competition has a much wider range. It covers football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, pool table, mini-soccer and dart. To make it exciting we have witnessed the participation of some faculty members like Dr. Emmanuel Foro, SJ and Dr. Wilfred Okambowa, SJ playing in volleyball for the Jesuits.

The bitter-sweet aspect of this is that the non-Jesuits have always dominated the outdoor games like football, basketball and occasionally volleyball except the indoor games like table tennis, pool table, mini-soccer and dart. We are yet to see the active participation of most of our ladies in Hekima University College. Football continues to be the single game that draws most students of Hekima University College together. Because of the lack of football field on Hekima grounds, many of our football games take place either at the Marist University College or Don Bosco College. Hekima College has played friendly matches with Tangaza, Don Bosco and the Marist Colleges.

Hekima University College’s past record of playing second to all these Colleges is being rewritten at present as she manages to beat Don Bosco and draw with the Marists and Tangaza College. We are however, yet to improve in joint College competitions. That requires adequate preparations, participation and strategy. The Basketball Team of Hekima is equally vibrant. Each week witnesses a couple of students training particularly for fitness. They meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays to train. Besides these, the basketball team has played few games (with Don Bosco College and at the Marist Games). The results in such games remind us the need to go back to the drawing board.

This is a discipline we are yet to improve in. It is hoped this would equally improve. We also have the Hekima Volleyball Team. Besides, the Hekima yearly tournaments, the Volleyball Team meets on Monday and occasionally on Tuesdays for training. Sometimes, there are in-house interreligious friendly games between Jesuits, Montfort Missionaries, and the Pallotines. We await a gala tournament between the three. There are other sports like Karate. However, this has basically been on individual and personal interest partly because of the costs involved.