Jesuit School of Theology

Hekima University College Jesuit School of Theology offers theological education and formation at university level for religious men and women preparing for priesthood and other ministries in the church. Based on the Jesuit tradition of excellence in education, the College caters for the needs of men and women seeking to take their place in and contribute to the evangelizing mission of the Church in variety of ministries.

Hekima University College admits students to its regular programs, seminars and workshops. In order to respond to new challenges when Hekima University College celebrated its 20th Aniversary in 2004, the institute of Peace Studies and International Relations was founded.

The founding of the Institute was in response to the growing need to build intellectual capacity for conflict management and peace building in the continent of Africa especially in the Great Lakes region and the horn of Africa.

The 3-year Bachelor of Theology programme at Hekima University College satisfies the requirements for the Bachelor of Sacred Theology Degree (STB) as set down in the Apostolic Constitution of Pope John Paul II, Sapientia Christiana, as well as the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theology of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.